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    University of Waterloo

    The University of Waterloo, with strengths in computer science, engineering and mathematics is ranked as Canada's top comprehensive university. The university serves 31,577 students (2012) and has served as a launching pad for many innovative startups such as BlackBerry, Pebble Watch, Vidyard, and BufferBox. Waterloo boasts the largest faculty of engineering in Canada and the Largest actuarial science program in North America. The University also etablished World's first kinesiology department.

    The campus has a presence in the towns of Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge Ontario, including five buildings purchased from nearby BlackBerry Ltd. Waterloo students have an 87.7% average entering grade.

    "When students have choices among top colleges, which one do they choose?" by the Washington Post

    1. Stanford University
    2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    3. Harvey Mudd College
    4. Duke University
    5. Yale University
    6. United States Military Academy
    7. University of Pennsylvania
    8. University of Chicago
    9. United States Naval Academy
    10. University of Waterloo

    Waterloo operates the largest co-op education program in the world, meaning almost half of its 30,000 students alternate between four-month periods on campus and in the workplace. Because of co-ops, Waterloo students are accustomed to toggling between long stretches in the classroom and the work world while constantly refining and reflecting on what they learned in both places.

    University of Waterloo: Automatic merit-based awards ranging from $2000 (for students with admission averages above 95%).


    Jan 17, 2018
    Application fees - $85

    University of Waterloo admissions
    Phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 33614


    Resident Tuition: $6,420-14,080
    International Tuition: $24,830-35,754
    Room & Board: $10,709-12,927
    Parking (8 month): $509
    Child care (per month): $1,180-1,547


    Dragon Boat club
    Equestrian club
    Imprint newspaper
    Kendo club
    Varsity sports


    Population: 97,475