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    University of Ottawa

    As North America's largest bilingual post-secondary institution, the University of Ottawa serves 35,000 students (2015) via 300+ academic programs. Classes can be taken in Frnech, English or both. The campus is next to the historic Rideau Canal, which provides a unique ice-skating conduit during the winter months.

    University of Ottawa scholarships: Entrance scholarships are availabale based on admission average. The University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship automatically provides between $1,000 and $4,000 to all eligible full-time students with an average of 80% or more who are studying in a direct-entry faculty or in the Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section. This scholarship is awarded automatically to all qualified students. No application is required for this scholarship; all eligible students are automatically evaluated for this award.:

    95-100% = $4,000
    90-94.9% = $3,000
    85-89.9% = $2,000
    80-84.9% = $1,000


    June 1
    Admissions office
    Phone: 1-877-868-8292


    Resident Tuition: $7,306
    International Tuition: $28,082
    Room & Board: $6,159-$17,468
    Parking (8 month): $1,328


    The Fulcram newspaper
    Sailing club
    Outdoors club
    Rowing club
    Varsity sports

    University of Ottawa


    Population: 450,000